New Order Pickup Location Added: Colibri Flowers and Plants

Erik Hanson • Oct 27, 2020

New Order Pickup Location Added: Colibri Flowers and Plants

We've had a humming first month! With that, we've partnered up with our lovely friends at Colibri Flowers and Plants to offer you a second pickup location to choose from when checking out, in addition to our equally lovely friends at Cargo. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Colibri, they are a boutique flower and plant shop on NE 15th and Prescott. They deal in wonderful and unique bouquets and arrangements, along with vibrant and exotic houseplants. There's also a smattering of antique housewares and crystals as well. The space overall is a joy to behold. We are excited to get to work with them. Colibri is run by Naomi Pomeroy (Beast Restaurant), Kyle Linden Webster (Expatriate, bar), and Bianca Love Sparta (Erase Errata, band). 

Colibri is located at 1454 NE Prescott St. in Portland. and they are open for pickups Wednesday through Friday from Noon-6pm, and on Saturdays from Noon-5pm. As always, just select your pickup date and location at checkout, and your order will be ready for you as soon as the shop opens, on the date of your choosing.

And for those who'd like to know, our other pickup location, Cargo (which is another wholly wondrous space to be in) is located at 81 SE Yamhill St. Cargo is open Friday-Sunday from 11am to 5pm. 

We highly encourage those of you picking up your orders to give a browse when you visit our friends. We're sure you're going to find stuff you like.

Also, thank you to everyone who's placed orders with us so far. And a special thanks to those of you who've already ordered multiple times! (We have a special treat coming for you.)