Welcome to Fulamingo.

Fualmingo offers Japanese grocery, sake, and snacks for delivery and order pickup from multiple locations in Portland. Shipping is available for most grocery items. Fulamingo is an online store, and you'll find everything we have to offer here on Fulamingo.com. 

We are also proud to announce to our Portland and Astoria, Oregon customers, that we have THREE new retail pop-ups! Check out Cargo Inc. (Both Portland and Astoria locations) for a limited special selection of groceries and snacks. And we are thrilled to be curating a big selection of sake and groceries for our friends at Wellspent Market in Portland. 

We don't have our own physical retail store, but if you have any questions about our products, or would like sake recommendations, or have ordering questions, please feel free to reach us by phone (call or text!) or email. Kana and Erik are happy to help! 

About Us, and the Idea Behind Fulamingo

If you’ve ever gone to Japan or have dreamed of going, you might know this feeling. For us, it’s like nostalgia and excitement happening at the same time. Japan is an infinitely wonderful place, and Fulamingo wants to be your bridge there. There is so much to love, but most of all we love to eat and drink. We want to recognize Japan’s history of artisanship, cooking, craft sake, and more, with our sights on the living, breathing, Japan of now.

The main owner of Fulamingo, here, is Kana Hinohara Hanson, a first-generation Japanese-American. Kana’s parents moved from Tokyo to America shortly before Kana was born. Kana was a former owner of the store Giraffe that Portlanders might remember as the little Japanese deli and market that served those egg salad sandwiches. Although Giraffe sadly had to close, Kana didn’t want to give up on sharing her Japan with Portland. Hence, Fulamingo! 

Me, the one writing this, is her husband, Erik. I studied Japanese at Portland State University, and in my life have fallen more and more in love with Japan over the course of several study-abroad programs and travel adventures with Kana. I pick all the sake here at Fulamingo, and I've been working with sake since 2012. 

So, Fulamingo was initially going to be a retail store that would be a space for modern Japanese culture and culinary trends in Portland. We planned on being an amazing sake shop that also served delicious and health-conscious Japanese food-to-go. We’d carry grocery stuff to allow and encourage people to make Japanese food at home, as well. We did a lot of planning around this retail launch, but soon realized it would be more responsible to temporarily shelve the retail store goal because of the ongoing risks of Covid-19. 

As we got more comfortable getting deliveries and in doing no-contact pickups from businesses around Portland, we began to consider how we could still share our passions for Japanese food and sake without necessarily having the in-person retail experience. Naturally, a website - Fulamingo.com - was the next logical step. 

Now, we are also proud to offer in-person shopping experiences at Wellspent Market, as well as cute selections of goods in Cargo's Portland and Astoria stores.