We charge a flat $10 dollar delivery fee. We waive that fee on orders over $75.

Delivery times are available Tuesday-Sunday, from 11am to 6pm. Choose the time window in which you would like to receive your delivery at checkout. Orders placed before 10am can go out same-day. 

For sake and beer orders we will need to check the ID of the person who made the order. The OLCC is relaxing a lot of laws regarding alcohol delivery, but IDing is still required.

If you live in an apartment building, please note any instructions on how we might leave your order inside the building, or be prepared to meet us at the door to your building so we can hand your goods over to you.

Currently we deliver to anywhere in this area:

This delivery zone comprises these zip codes:

97217, 97203, 97221, 97239, 97211, 97218, 97220, 97210, 97227, 97212, 97213, 97232, 97209, 97208, 97269, 97204, 97205, 97201, 97239, 97214, 97215, 97216, 97202, 97206, 97204, 97205


Fulamingo does not currently offer shipping, but we will soon!